Sunday, April 14, 2013

Support the Dream

BG surfboards has recently signed two of El Salvador's BEST young surfers, Porfirio "Heatclif" Miranda and Israel "Fafi" Arenivar. Currently, these talented surfers purchase their own boards, which may cost as much as their entire annual income. Because of the high-performance ability of these local surfers, their boards go through a lot of "wear and tear". Heatclif is currently surfing a board that has been snapped in half and repaired three times. On a recent trip to El Salvador my girlfriend, Lauryn, connected with these aspiring pro surfers and came home with a mission to help them. BG surfboards acknowledged the cause and had to help. We are now in the process of making each of the boys two boards for the REEF Latin Pro, taking place in July. The cost of shaping and shipping four boards to El Salvador will be $1,800.. Please consider helping to cover the costs, so that these dedicated surfers may continue toward their dream of becoming professional surfers. Click the donate button below. Remember ANY amount will help. Thank you, BG surfboards