Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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Friday, May 18, 2012

you cannot make a board do, what it was not shaped to be! -BG
"rain drop" mini simmons..  ok , proven again, took it out for the 3rd time today!! this time in some steep racey takeoffs... good ol torrance beach! had a blast!! the board works amazing!! extremely fast from the start, i find myself cutting back a lot which isn't a bad thing. I'm still getting a feel for what i can do on it, i went to hit the lip today , set my feet , and my back foot went off the tail, hahah , i forgot i was on a 5'5" ... I've read some threads of people saying it doesn't do well backside, well mine works great backside, super responsive. now, it does glide like a longboard, and the turning takes a little getting used too!! but my theory is, u can't make a board do what its not meant to do!!  this is for catching waves and long sweeping turns!!! i actually have a few thrusters to shape but I'm just too stokd with the way this thing rides it will be a while till I'm ready to ride anything else. o wait, i started another simmons inspired "micro bus" at 5'2" with a pulled in tail with slight bump!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"mini log" donated to Eastview little league

this is the "mini log" 8ft donated to Eastview little leagues "all kids play" casino night . it will be in a silent auction and ALL proceeds will go to those kids who are less fortunate! i Never forget where i came from and where I'm going, giving back feels soo good!! see you all there!! - BG

"mini log"

"mini log"

flamed maple fin, cedar tail block 

Friday, May 4, 2012

the new 5'5" mini simmons inspired "rain drop" works really well! super easy to paddle into waves, and extremely fast! nice easy round turning similar to a longboard would do. next time i will go even shorter!! ;)

cedar fins

i started experimenting with wood fins! finding out what different grains do when foiling, its interesting. her i foiled a set of keel cedar fins for the simmons inspired "rain drop"

mini simmons "the rain drop" 

mini simmons

mini simmons  5'5" twin keel cedar "the rain drop"